Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan

With Summer just around the corner I wanted to share a couple shots of Pure Michigan. Towards the end of last summer I was up in Traverse City for a Detroit Red Wings shoot for Fox Sports Detroit. Northern Michigan is always beautiful in my opinion but especially magical in Summer in to Autumn. Being up there I decided it was a crime if I didn’t go out and see what I could find in terms of beautiful scenery. I was NOT disappointed. This one spot that I found was so peaceful and beautiful.






Michigan gets a bad wrap Nationwide but I doubt most have even been to this great state. Michigan offers so many things to visitors from Lakes, to Wineries, to world class theaters, to beautiful landscapes, to world class people. I challenge people to visit Michigan and witness what Pure Michigan is all about, they will not be disappointed. The above photographs are just one stop of the million+ in Michigan to explore, relax, and enjoy.  I am proud to be from Michigan, live in Michigan, and to promote Michigan.