About Me



ello! Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Chad Schwartzenberger and I am an award winning Cinematographer that freelances for many companies, such as, Fox Sports Detroit, Good Problem Productions, and NFL Films. I’ve spent most of my career up to this point in the video world but I’ve always been attracted to the power that one photograph can convey. The power of a photograph goes beyond the picture and can tell a story from centuries ago or a few seconds ago. One photograph can capture any emotion and freeze it forever. A few years ago I decided to dive deep in to Photography and commit more time. Within moments it became one of my passions and an inspiration every day. Other creative photographic minds will tell you like me, they see potential moments to be captured every day, every second of every day. I find that Photography is the base for all my skills to develop and one of the main things I tell young people that are looking to get into Television/Docs to start doing is to start taking pictures.

I feel my photography is special because of honestly what is around me. I love capturing Nature and all it has to offer. If I could, I would travel the world snapping every angle of every location I could get to.